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House Insurance, it covers accidents like fires and floods, earthquakes, landslides, and some small accidents, such as pipe is broken, fences damage or windows broken. There are also some gradual damages covered by the home insurance, such as wall or floor damaged by internal leaks, roofs damaged by weather. After Kaikoura Earthquake and Christchurch Earthquake, people start to realize the importance of home insurance. It has saved many families from financial difficulties.


Contents Insurance, it covers the loss or damage of your possessions. Whether you are house owners, tenants or landlords, this insurance will protect your belongings from loss, theft, fires anywhere in New Zealand. For some items, it is suitable for the “New for Old” policy, which means you will get paid to replace the items, and for some items, it is better to choose indemnity cover. Our broker will work with you and recommend the best options.


Motor Vehicle Insurance, it covers all loss or damage that happened accidentally. No matter you have big cars, small cars, vans, caravans or trailers, you can find all solutions here. The types of insurance include Third party only which will cover any damage to others caused by you, Third party fire and theft which offers the same cover as the third party only with added cover for the accidents caused by fire or stolen and Comprehensive which covers repairs of your car, damages to others caused by you and accidents happened in case of a fire or thef


Travel Insurance,it covers the damage or loss of your luggage or belongings, accident, and illness medical costs, recovering costs if the flight is cancelled or altered or other accidents caused by weather or political instability. Trips are full of unexpected expenses. Right travel insurance can protect you against all misfortunes and support you to have a safe and wonderful journey.


Boat Insurance, it covers loss or damage to your boat or damages to other people or their property caused by your boat. The common cases are the damage caused by hitting rocks or theft of motor or accessories

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