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Life Insurance, it is one of the most important insurance products. Like all insurance businesses, the insured passes the risk to the insurer, accepts the terms of the insurer, and pays the insurance premium. When the insured has an insured event, the insurer pays the insurance fee as agreed. Life insurance can ensure you and your family are protected from the unexpected and Life Cover will continue to support your loved ones financially despite your absence in their lives.


Health Insurance, it refers to personal insurance that the insurer pays the insured person when the insured person has a disease. The payment for health insurance usually includes but not limited to expenses such as consultation fees, diagnosis fees, medical expenses, hospitalization expenses, and surgical treatment expenses. Health insurance is an important economic guarantee that helps you to cover the rising costs of surgical and medical treatments in life.


Income Protection, it is an insurance product that insurance company guarantees paying claims on a monthly basis if the insured person is unable to work due to an accident or illness, and the income is reduced or interrupted. Income protection is used to pay the insured’s normal living expenses in the event that the insured loses normal income resources so that to alleviate the financial and life stresses.

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